Why Blue Burro Is One of the Best Mexican Franchises

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Getting started in the quick-service Mexican-food business can be an exciting thought for many potential owners, but it’s important to find the best Mexican franchise when searching for a brand with promise.

There are a few key features that can help a franchise stand out from the rest, and that’s what we’ll be examining today.

It’s a review that can point the way to a brand like Blue Burro, which is built for modern times, and show prospective owners the path forward.

What makes Blue Burro one of the best Mexican franchises for future owners to look into? It’s a combination of factors, and they help us work every day, with and for our owners.

  • Industry
  • Simplicity and authenticity
  • Support
  • Parent-brand leadership

These, and other essential elements of a franchise with growth prospects, have helped Blue Burro become a disruptive force in the QSR business and can make us the right option for future owners.

Here are some of the aspects of our brand that makes Blue Burro excited for tomorrow.

1. The Mexican Franchise Industry

Any review by prospective owners of the best Mexican franchises available today should start with the larger industry.

Looking at the overall health of the business can be instructive to potential owners. It can be an effective way to get an idea of how the industry’s performed in the past, including growth rate, market size, and other crucial details.

An industry overview can also set expectations for the future, with performance indicators and predictions for sector growth in the years to come.

For future owners researching what makes Blue Burro one of the best Mexican franchises to consider today, an industry review can help them continue their franchise journey with confidence in their choice.

We’re in an industry that’s been growing for years. And the future is projected to see additional industry expansion, as customers continue to search for more authentic, higher-quality meal options.

2. A Dedication to Simplicity; A Belief in Authenticity

What makes Blue Burro one of the best Mexican franchises for growth-focused owners? It starts with the way we approach the business.

At Blue Burro, we believe in the power of simplicity, and the timeless appeal of authenticity. These twin principles guide our operations and help us build customer loyalty as we move into new territories.

Our franchise model makes simplicity a cornerstone of our brand. 

Simplicity is in everything we do, from a menu that avoids trends or overloading our guests with too many mediocre options to streamlined business plans designed to get owners open and serving their community as soon as possible.

And that belief that simple is often better has helped us maintain authenticity in a market that increasingly values that way of working, with expertly prepared meals that come from our history and heritage.

Authentic meals and simple operations help Blue Burro maintain our reputation as one of the best Mexican franchises in a changing business landscape.

3. Robust Support

Blue Burro’s twin values of simplicity and authenticity have given our owners flexibility and tools for growth. We back that up with the kind of support they need to focus on building the brand and bringing one of the best Mexican franchises around to new regions in the U.S.

At Blue Burro, our support begins the moment a potential owner connects with us, and only grows from there.

We help prospective owners get the information that can aid them in getting the answers they need about our brand and franchise. 

Our buildout team helps new owners find their ideal location and gets it opened through our tried-and-tested processes. 

And our industry-leading support is just getting started when the doors open for the first time. We’re ready to lend a hand whenever our owners need it, and have the expertise and experience to make our assistance count.

4. Encinal Brands Leadership

In the modern franchise environment, brands have to be built for growth from day one. Coordination can be key, and higher-level direction from senior leadership is often essential to helping make that happen.

Blue Burro understands that the best Mexican franchises should be structured for operations in this fast-paced, growth-oriented climate. It’s why the guidance from our parent company, Encinal Brands, is so crucial to our development as both a brand and a member of a larger family of franchises.

Encinal Brands, led by founder and CEO Ivan Flores, oversees Blue Burro’s franchise growth and gives us the freedom to focus on customer essentials like service and community outreach.

Thanks to our association with Encinal Brands, Blue Burro gets the benefit of a parent organization run by dedicated and seasoned industry professionals, all working together to give us the tools for guest satisfaction and brand expansion.

Encinal Brands, and Blue Burro, team up each day to back up our owners.

Become Part of One of the Best Mexican Franchises with Blue Burro

Blue Burro is a brand with promise, and it’s thanks to a franchise model designed with today’s owners in mind.

We’re in a growing industry, with a business plan that keeps the focus on simplicity and quality. We make robust and ongoing franchise support a key part of our operations. And we enjoy the guidance and experience of our parent company, Encinal Brands.

Blue Burro is preparing to bring our owner-focused franchise approach to new territories, and we’re looking for prospective owners to come with us as we grow.
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