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    Want to invest your Mexican restaurant know-how in an up-and-coming business that’s ready to grow?

    Mexican food franchises like Blue Burro could be a perfect opportunity for you. Blue Burro is poised to lead the way in Mexican Franchise Opportunities.

    When you join the Blue Burro team, you become part of a new approach to Mexican dining and burrito franchises that combine the best of tradition with a modern, innovative approach.

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    Blue Burro - Surf n Turf burritos

    What Makes the Blue Burro Mexican Franchise Opportunity Special?

    Blue Burro leads the way with our fresh, innovative approach toward burrito restaurant franchises. Our menu is streamlined and clean, and our simple options like shakes and fries along with our burritos keep customers happy and reduce ticket times.

    Since fast casual dining in general is on an upward trend and Mexican fast casual franchise is poised to experience accelerated growth over the next five years, Blue Burro is ready to rock the Mexican restaurant franchise category.

    Meet the Man Behind Blue Burro Mexican Franchise Restaurants

    Ivan Flores

    Ivan Flores, Blue Burro’s CEO, has turned his childhood dream of creating a burrito restaurant into a franchise opportunity that paves the way for a new model of Mexican dining.

    Ivan began with a single restaurant, El Encinal, and used his experience developing and running it to develop plans for a buffalo wings franchise. In 2013, Ivan Flores opened his first Buffalo Spot Franchise in Long Beach, California, and the chain quickly became a favorite across the state.

    In 2019, Ivan turned his attention to realizing his long-held dream of a Mexican restaurant franchise and opened his first Blue Burro restaurant in Long Beach. The Blue Burro restaurant was immediately popular and paved the way for future growth potential.

    Are You Ready for this Exciting Mexican Restaurant Franchise Opportunity?

    Learn how Blue Burro is a leader in the Mexican fast casual industry and burrito franchise restaurants, and how our menu and approach set us apart from the competition.