The Blue Burro Opportunity

Become Part of an Exciting New Trend in Burrito Franchise Opportunities

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    The Opportunity

    Blue Burro - Burritos

    In just a few short years, Blue Burro has become a leader and disruptor in Mexican fast casual franchise opportunities.

    Our model mixes cultures, tradition, and a cutting-edge approach toward dining that attracts customers of all ages and backgrounds. Our menu keeps things simple, and our customers–and franchise owners–benefit.

    What Makes Blue Burro an Attractive Mexican Restaurant Franchise Opportunity?

    • Established Customer Base
      Mexican dining is more popular in the U.S. today than ever, and there’s potential for significant growth in the next decade.
    • Robust Franchise Support
      Blue Burro recognizes the importance of supporting our Mexican franchise restaurant owners. We’re there to help you from day one, and we’re always ready to provide additional support and training as needed.
    • Franchise Expertise
      The Blue Burro burrito restaurant franchise was founded by the same team that developed and launched the up-and-coming franchise The Buffalo Spot. Blue Burro franchise owners benefit from the insight provided by these franchise veterans and get prompt and effective assistance every time.
    Blue Burro - Surf n Turf fries
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    More than a Burrito Franchise – but Simple Menus Keep Customers Happy

    Blue Burro’s approach toward menu selection is that less is more. A well-designed menu with simple choices makes for a less stressful environment for your Blue Burro Mexican food franchise team, and keeps guests coming back.

    The Blue Burro menu reflects this philosophy, and focuses on doing a few things very well. Unique recipes and quality ingredients do the hard work, and all you do is prepare the shakes, burritos, and fries to keep the customers satisfied and returning.

    Available Territories

    The next few years are going to be exciting ones for Blue Burro. We’re offering Mexican restaurant franchise opportunities in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, and the sky’s the limit on where we go next.

    Contact us now to learn more about Blue Burro, our authentic Mexican restaurant franchises, and our burrito franchise opportunities.

    Blue Burro - US Map