4 Questions to Ask When Running a Burrito or Taqueria Franchise

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In our rapidly changing and always-on-the-move economic landscape, it makes sense to consider becoming a franchise owner. Owning a burrito or taqueria franchise can be the right option for many people looking to take the next step in their lives and careers.

It’s a step that requires consideration and an understanding of the ins and outs of running a taco franchise in modern times. 

Anyone thinking about starting their own journey toward franchise ownership should take the time to ask a few essential questions, and find out as much as possible before proceeding with their plans.

Using Blue Burro as a model, we’ll look at some of the most important questions to ask when running a burrito or taqueria franchise, and help potential owners start their journey with a solid foundation.

  • How’s the industry?
  • What’s on the Menu?
  • Will I Have Franchise Support?
  • Tell Me About Brand Leadership

Beginning with these questions helps put future owners on the right path, and can eliminate potential issues before they occur.

1. How’s the Mexican Food Industry?

Before signing on with a burrito and taqueria franchise, a potential owner needs to take a close look at the business itself.

Understanding the larger industry is an essential part of becoming an owner, and it makes good business sense. A prospective owner should get familiar with the industry’s past performance, and have an idea of expected prospects in the years ahead.

For folks looking into opening a burrito and taqueria franchise with Blue Burro, that means learning as much as they can about both the Mexican-restaurant industry, and the quick-service restaurant industry.

Our brand straddles the crossroads of these two major U.S. industries, and that places us in a promising position for future growth.

The Mexican-restaurant industry, as is likely clear to anyone who’s been around for the past few decades, has seen significant expansion as it’s moved from a niche cuisine to a major player. And quick-service restaurants, also called fast-casual dining, have been a key and growing part of the landscape for generations.

Both industries are expected to continue expanding in the years to come.

2. What’s on the Menu?

For many of today’s customers, convenience and speed is just the start, and not the deciding factor for their loyalty. Modern diners expect more than that when they visit their local burrito and taqueria franchise.

Having the right menu options is increasingly important in the fast-casual world. The brands that recognize customers’ need for quality across the board, and respond with a streamlined menu of craveable favorites, could have the tools for future development.

Blue Burro understands that our guests expect excellence, and we’ve developed our menu to give them what they want.

We keep things simple, and avoid overloading our menus with pages of options or selections we don’t believe in. Our customers know that everything they order, from our breakfast or all-day burritos to our expertly-made tacos and signature shakes, comes from a place of love.

We believe in simplicity and quality at Blue Burro, and it’s helped us deliver the kinds of meals that can build brand loyalty and grow our burrito and taqueria franchise.

3. Will I Get Franchise Support?

The right industry, and a menu built for modern diners, can both be essential elements in a burrito and taqueria franchise. And making sure those points are covered allows potential owners to turn to more personal concerns.

For future owners, this is the time to ask, “What will the brand do to support me?”

Support from franchise leadership can be crucial to a brand’s prospects. Owners should never feel like they’re out on their own, or find themselves having to deal with an issue without backup from the franchise team.

Having robust support can give owners the sense of security they need to start looking to the future and planning brand expansion. That’s why Blue Burro makes sure our owners know that they’re never alone.

We help potential owners find their footing from the start, with personal attention, targeted training, and streamlined processes to provide them with their best options. It’s all customized for each person, and is designed to identify and play to individual strengths and abilities.

At Blue Burro, our owners understand that we’re behind them every day, ready to lend a hand whenever it’s needed.

4. Does the Brand Have Clear Goals and Leadership?

Modern times call for a modern approach to business. That’s true in every industry, including burrito and taqueria franchises.

Today’s franchises should adapt their approach, and adjust their business model to reflect a more top-down take on more conventional franchising, beginning with strong brand leadership that provides guidance and a plan for the future.

It’s a take on the traditional model, and allows for more flexibility and adaptability. And it’s helped Blue Burro become a disruptive force across the industry.

Blue Burro is a subsidiary of the Encinal Brands parent company, and that connects us to the vision of CEO and founder Ivan Flores. Ivan built his family of brands by giving owners the tools they need for brand development, and his belief in the power of simplicity and quality drives our processes and keeps us moving forward.

Thanks to the brand leadership of Ivan Flores and Encinal Brands, Blue Burro is ready for tomorrow.

Start Your Burrito and Taqueria Franchise with Blue Burro

Becoming a franchise owner is a big step, and it should begin with the big questions that help refine your search and find the best fit for you and your needs.

That sort of approach can lead potential owners to Blue Burro.

Blue Burro is a brand on the move. We’re in industries that have been expanding for years and are projected to continue doing so, and we’ve got a menu, franchisee support, and leadership designed for today’s customers.

At Blue Burro, we’re getting ready to grow, and we’re looking for prospective owners to join us.
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