4 Tips To Get Started as a Mexican Food Franchise Owner

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You’ve spent your life building your skills and establishing yourself as a business leader, and now you’re interested in owning a Mexican food franchise, becoming your own boss, and taking charge of your career. Taking the first steps to owning a franchise can be an exciting time, but it’s important to know how to get started.

This article provides guidance to help prospective owners understand what their opening moves should be when they prepare to own a Mexican food franchise. We show how getting to know the industry and your prospective franchise brand can inform franchise choice, and it also covers what’s involved in meeting and signing up with the franchisor you select.

Franchise ownership can take your life in a new direction and connect you with a brand ready to grow like Blue Burro is, and we’re here to assist potential owners in beginning their journey.

1. Find an Industry With Potential

The first priority when considering becoming a franchise owner should be to make sure you join an industry with growth potential. The business needs to be in a good position to expand, and finding a promising industry can help prospective owners do that.

There are lots of franchise options out there, but Mexican fast-casual restaurants like Blue Burro might be some of the best. Mexican food franchises have long been a growing part of this country’s restaurant scene, and the next five years are expected to see the industry continue to expand.

And the fast-casual model, a blend of the convenience of fast food with the quality of traditional full-service dining, has been growing as well and is projected to add almost $29 billion in market share by 2026. That could position Mexican fast-casual brands such as Blue Burro for growth as well.

2. Research Your Likely Franchise

After the initial investigation identifies an industry with projected growth, it’s time to identify which Mexican food franchise might work best for its owner’s needs. This is a crucial moment in the path toward ownership — it’s the time when you can dig down into the franchise that interests you and learn as much about it as you can.

Owners represent the brand they franchise with, and the one you select needs to match your own approach toward business. Get to know the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which gives you details on what you can expect when you join their team, including estimates on initial investments, ongoing fees, overall franchise structure, and more. 

Blue Burro’s FDD lays out everything for potential owners, so there are no surprises later down the line. Future owners should expect nothing less from the team they hope to do business with.

3. Meet the Franchise Team

After researching prospective Mexican food franchises and finding one that connects, potential owners can move on to meeting and getting to know the franchise team. Owners can expect to collaborate with the brand’s franchise specialists regularly, and it’s as essential to them as it is to you that you all see eye to eye and could work together.

Blue Burro and other franchises hold Discovery Days to allow prospective owners and the franchise’s senior management to meet and evaluate each other. They’ll be sizing you up, just as you’ll be doing the same. 

Be open and forthright about what you bring to the relationship and what you hope to get back — honesty can help both parties better understand whether everyone might be a good franchise fit. When prospective owners put in the effort and time, Discovery Day can be a significant factor in determining which franchise might work for them.

4. Open Your Mexican Food Franchise

After doing due diligence, selecting a Mexican food franchise, and meeting with the franchise leadership, it’s time for the fun stuff. Now, future owners get to sign with the franchise, hire and train their staff, open their restaurant, and start serving customers.

Owners likely won’t feel alone during the buildout and opening. Franchises like Blue Burro include training, assistance with site selection, design, and construction, and access to proprietary operations manuals and recipes. Blue Burro also offers continuing support beyond opening, so our owners never have to feel like they’re on their own.

You’ve worked hard to get to this point, and your franchise team has worked alongside you to get you prepared. With their assistance and dedication behind you, you can focus on providing meals your customers love. Enjoy franchise ownership, and get ready to serve up delicious food to happy guests!

Blue Burro Offers Mexican Food Franchise Opportunities

The search for a franchise has taken you from an interested inquirer to a new owner. Industry review, franchise research, leadership meetings, and launching your franchise are just the first steps, though. 

The Blue Burro Mexican food franchise team will be working together for as long as you’re an owner, which is part of what makes Blue Burro a brand worth looking into. We love what we do, we support our owners, and we offer a franchise model that emphasizes ease of choice, quality, and customer service. 

Blue Burro believes that simplicity can be key to developing your business, and that’s why we designed a clean, uncluttered menu that offers guest favorites like burritos, fries, and shakes, all prepared with care and served up fresh. Our fast-casual approach can reduce ticket times and make return visitors out of your newest customers.

At Blue Burro, we’re ready for the future, and we’re looking for people who share our belief that fresh ingredients and simple, no-nonsense choices can set the trend for the next movement in franchise restaurants. Contact us today, and find out what makes us a brand to watch!

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