Quality is King: What Sets Blue Burro Mexican Fast Food Franchises Apart

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Franchising has a long tradition in this country, with franchises for everything from restaurants to home improvement to pet care services and more available for interested entrepreneurs. There are plenty of Mexican fast food franchise opportunities for potential owners to choose from as well, but which brand can offer what customers want?

Blue Burro is a restaurant franchise that aims to provide what customers look for when they go out for Mexican food. Our fast-casual service model delivers a blend of convenience and quality, and we’ve developed a menu of guest favorites, made sure to source only the highest-quality and freshest ingredients, and built a business plan designed to help our owners grow their customer base.

Prospective franchise owners want to find a brand that has the tools to deliver the meals customers love, and which is ready to grow. Owning a Blue Burro Mexican fast food franchise can team them with a group of franchise professionals who are working to shake up the industry and blaze a new path forward.

A Distinct Fast-Casual Approach

Some things in the Mexican fast food franchise business never change — many customers want to get their meals fast, so they can get back on their way. Modern guests often expect more than a quick-service restaurant can provide, though, and many prefer the more laid-back atmosphere of a traditional Mexican food restaurant, which emphasizes customer care and cuisine quality.

At Blue Burro, we developed our brand with the aim to bridge the gap between these two approaches to the fast food Mexican franchise. Our fast-casual service model can give customers the quality of a full-service restaurant experience, and still deliver hot, delicious meals in a hurry. 

Our guests love our fast-casual approach. It’s one reason we’re looking to forge a path to the future of franchising, and why we’re excited to find potential owners to come with us as we move forward.

A Menu of Favorites

What’s more inviting and easy to navigate — a complicated menu with tons of selections, or a streamlined concept that offers only the items customers crave the most? Blue Burro believes that a menu that focuses on delivering what guests want, without complexity or clutter, can be the way to help create a Mexican fast food franchise with potential.

Our menu is uncomplicated, with burritos, tacos, fries, and shakes as our main items. We offer a few key choices, and what we offer are all customer favorites. From blue horchata shakes and adobada fries to pollo asada burritos and shrimp tacos, Blue Burro has narrowed our selections to the dishes guests prefer.

Blue Burro understands that less can be more, and we’ve built our franchise to reflect that belief. Guests know that our menu is “all killer, no filler,” and that every dish we serve is one they’ll likely enjoy.

A Fresh Appeal

Many of today’s Mexican fast food franchise customers want something beyond quickly prepared food filled with low-quality ingredients. Having an active lifestyle in today’s fitness-focused landscape often means paying closer attention to diet, and that begins by becoming more discerning about meal quality, without sacrificing flavor.

Blue Burro emphasizes quality above all, and we make sure that our dishes reflect that philosophy. We use only the freshest ingredients, locally and responsibly sourced. 

Our dishes started out as family recipes — they come from our tradition and history, and we work to make sure they always taste the same, and have the same flavors and high quality as we remember from our past.

We’re dedicated to providing customers with meals that are fresh and tasty. Many of our guests have come to expect this sort of care from the Blue Burro brand, and it’s helped us grow our business.

A Franchise Model for Owners

Blue Burro provides customers with a fast-casual service model they can appreciate, and we work to give them a simple menu of favorites, sourced fresh and with sustainability in mind. We’ve also created a franchise model designed to support our owners and help them build the brand.

Here are some of the benefits our owners enjoy when they become part of the Blue Burro Mexican fast food franchise family.

  • Site selection guidance, including tips on evaluation, location surveys, and real estate negotiations
  • Restaurant buildout, with assistance selecting an architect and guidance throughout the process
  • Training, to help owners and their staff prepare to open the doors and start serving hungry Blue Burro customers
  • Marketing, to spread the Blue Burro word through print, online, and social media campaigns
  • Support that continues after the doors open, to help keep owners and their staff up to date and on the leading edge of the industry

Blue Burro wants our franchise owners to effectively develop their business. We give them the tools to help make that happen, and we work with them to build and grow as a brand.

Own a Blue Burro Mexican Fast Food Franchise

At Blue Burro, we’re proud of what we’ve created and are looking forward to where we’re going, both as a brand and as an industry. Our Mexican fast food franchise model and menu help us give customers a quality experience every time they visit, and our support plan can give our owners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we’ve got their back.

We’re looking for potential owners to join us as we bring a new approach to Mexican food in the U.S. Our brand is ready to grow, and we need like-minded people to come along and help us build a business for today and tomorrow.

Want to find out more? Contact us today, and learn why Blue Burro is a franchise designed for both customers and owners. We might be a perfect fit!

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